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The Happiest Engagement Session

Hello Everybody!!

Here we are again with this engagement session, to start telling you how we planned this photo session im going to say we got in contact with Cyndy "the bride to be" asking for something special that they like to do together, the quick answer from Cyndy was "Dancing" We like to dance a lot so at the same moment we said mmmm i think we need to put some music on the engagement session this way they feel comfortable hearing beautiful songs, We asked Cyndy for her favorite song? and she said. Halo from Beyonce at this moment we noticed all the love in this couple, basically they like to dance slow songs together. After the conversation We went to the Apple store looking for a wireless speaker to make this a reality. we got the perfect one and went to the session with this, that was one of the best decisions we made, we saw the true love trough this session, by the time the heard the Song Halo they looked at each other and started dancing. a lot of this photos were taken at this time, giving us a very romantic engagement session, we hope you all like it.

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thank you all for the support.

special thanks to Media Mercy for the big help that day!! :-) best videographer ever.

DBatista Photography

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