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Quinceañera Photo Session in Miami Florida

hello everybody :-)

Here we have some of the photos we did in one of our sessions in Miami. Her name is Jennifer from Orlando Florida, she is a super awesome Quinceañera ready to do everything for a good photo!! this session took us 2 days. Day number one We went to Secret Gardens in Miami and spend a good 2 hours at the location, reason why we like this location is because inside you can find beautiful springs that you are allowed to use for your photos and this time Jennifer wanted some Bikini Pictures. Day number 2 We went to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, an incredible location if you like natural scenes and gardens, the Session at Vizcaya took us at least another 3 hours. We hope you guys like the photos a lot!!

We can make your dreams come true and guide you to awesome places no matter if is outside our city!

please feel free to contact us to make your day an awesome experience! :-)

DBatista Photography

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